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Yasemin Oyan

Never start a business just to make money”. Start a business to make a difference.

- Marie Forleo

Dreamer, believer and a hardworking woman. It is always about the focus. Focus on what you believe in and work hard to get what you want. I believe that you can achieve anything you want in life.


I personally just love nice things. Pretty things. Everything that has something to do with beauty and elegance. That’s the reason why I studied fashion journalism and media communication instead of psychology. I love anything that has to do with fashion, art and culture. I love to create...

What can I do for you ?

After years of experience in different industries, I decided to share all my experience with you. 
However you found me, here you can get all the information about my offers and services and decide for yourself what you want to benefit from. Scroll through and decide which offers you would like to take advantage of.

I am looking forward to share all my talents and experiences around Lake Zurich with you in 2023. For all inquiries or wishes use the contact form or send an email.

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