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There are a number of reasons why I enjoy teaching yoga in a group just as much as private classes. Of course, the private yoga lesson cannot be compared or topped, but there are also reasons why yoga in a group is important and fun:


The motivation - it is always easier to train in a group. Group fitness is more than just completing your sports program, it is motivation to achieve a goal together. No matter how fit you are, the group and the trainer will support you to stay motivated and with you.

The group dynamics – whether yoga at 5 a.m. in the morning or a short lesson in the evening? Alone often no chance to get through the before / after a hard day's work. But when you have a group of enthusiastic participants and a motivated teacher waiting for you, it is so much easier. Group training obliges and that also gives you a good feeling, because there are no excuses. The dynamics and cohesion in the group are unbeatable and that's why yoga in a group is so great.


You can find me for a yoga or bodyart class in following studios:














Sihlpark Fitness & Wellness

Training Center Lachen


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