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What you’re going to find on this channel is yoga, technique training and some lifestyle topics. If you’re looking to find a different way of yoga to bring into your daily life and routine then hit that subscribe button and enjoy the power of yoga and life together. Whether you choose a dynamic power yoga class, a relaxing yin yoga practice, a short asana description with its benefits and sometimes a little bit of my life or all the above, I’m honored to connect and I look forward to sharing my channel with you! I dedicated a lot of my life to spread the teachings of yoga to as many people as possible with my own way of teaching and helping people finding their own purpose of life. I am teaching my own signature Yoga Flow classes and Yin Yoga classes in Zürich and in workshops & retreats around the world. My style is intensely dynamic but also very intense and technique oriented just as my whole life ;) Enjoy and welcome to an amazing journey with me.

Yasemin O.

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